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Nenerfgunparties.co.uk are fantastic at running Nerf gun parties all across Newcastle, they are a new and hilarious alternative to paintball allowing all players to run around and shoot each other with an unlimited amount foam nerf ammo! Players are equipped with safety glasses and a Nerf gun blaster, step into the arena to battle it out to become the winner in a multitude of different games such as last team standing, capture the flag to a Fortnight style all on all! Dodge, duck and dive behind the inflatable bunkers provided for cover,simply great fun to be a part of. Work together as a team or go it alone, the choice is yours. Choose wisely as you will be going to Nerf War. Nerf Gun Parties are intense enough for the Hunger Games fanatics and safe enough for kids to play from ages 6 years and above. View their website HERE.

Archery combat is a mix between dodgeball and paintball but using bows and foam tipped arrows. Participants are divided into two teams, equipped with a mask and bows and arrows then then fight in out in the area hunger games style! With bunkers to hide behind and the thrill of firing that robin hood striking arrow, it is a fun game for any who are brave enough for the challenge. View the action HERE

Ever had a drunken game of football? Well now you can experience one without the need to down a few pints in advance.Beer Goggle football involves players wearing goggles that simulate a drunken effect and absolute double vision which creates the funniest game of 5 a side football you are ever likely to play.Only one football is in play at a time but it feels like two with wearing the beer goggles, players have to attempt to play the beautiful game without missing the ball entirely and kicking into thin air! For ages 18+ you can book your game individually or as part of a package with bubble football. View the action HERE

NE Stags and Hens are a local company who help anyone arrange that perfect stag or hen event, from daytime activities to nightclub packages and bars they can help organise that perfect weekend in Newcastle Upon Tyne. View all their offers”!HERE.

Our partner NeBubbleFootball.co.uk are the number 1 supplier of bubble football across the North East, with thousands of events under their belt we are happy to have them on board with the fantastic discounts they offer us for our birthday parties! It is an alternative and whacky way of playing the beautiful game. While wearing a Zorb-like inflatable bubble, players are encouraged to bounce, smash and crash into each other while fighting for possession of the ball. View their website HERE.