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Nerf Rival Party

Prices from only £140

Ages 12+

15 Nerf Rival Guns

Up to 15 players can take part

15 Safety Masks

Unlimited Ammo

Multiple inflatable barricades

Unleash the Rivalry: Dive Into a Nerf Rival Party!

This new and different type of event has landed in Newcastle all nerfs blazing! Now you and your friends can get in on the action! For the lowest price in the north east!

Nerf Rival parties based in Newcastle offer an exciting and hilarious alternative to paintball, allowing all players to run around and shoot each other with foam nerf bullets without causing all those aches and pains! Players are equipped with a mask and a Nerf Rival blaster, then step into the arena to battle it out amongst friends/family or possibly "foes".

Duck, dodge and dive behind the inflatable bunkers provided to take cover while you engage in all out Nerf War! Put all of those years of shooting your parents with a nerf gun as a child to good use. Go it alone or work together as a team to overcome the different types of games we have on offer. Games such as “Last Team Standing, Elimination, Capture the Flag” and many more are all included in your event.

Our events include all the Nerf Guns, barricades and ammunition for up to 15 players at a time. Our events last for 60 minutes and are suitable for ages 12 years and above. The age restriction is there as some of the guns we use hold 30 rounds that fire up to 90 feet per second so may sting on impact!

If you have more than 15 players that is fine, we will break your group into teams and organise a competitive tournament. We understand that 60 minutes may be short for some groups so we offer a number of different timed packages to choose from to suit your needs. We can provide the indoor venue or if you'd like us to come to you, this can be arranged depending on availability.

Whether you are looking for a new activity for a Stag Do, Hen Do or simply a team building exercise, this game is great fun for everyone involved!

Contact us to enquire about a quote, date and time and if available we will get you booked in for the Nerf fight to begin!

The Fine Print

Subject to availability

Minimum of 8 people per group

Consent form to be signed prior to event

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